Nerds, Meet Pens.

A new blog is very much like the first page in a brand new book. You stare at it for ages wondering what to do with it.
“I’ll just make a diary,” you think. And then you remember all of those writer’s self-help sites that tell you a blog should be about something specific.
“I’ll write about my hobby, then,” you think. Until you realise that you know precisely three other people that are into gluing little toy soldiers together and then spending hours painting them garish colours – and you only ever actually speak to two of them.
“I’ll write about my work life, then.” No. That would be stupid. One day you’re happily typing away, telling the story of the giant, Soreen-shaped poo that you had to pick up off the floor and the next, you’re facing a Serious Misconduct investigation at work.
So, what to do?
Like most people, I’m a secret egotist. I want people to know how great and interesting and fabulously talented I am as a writer, an artist, a model-painter, a photographer, a traveller of the world, a raconteur and general wit of great renown. Not only that, but I want them to know these things without realising that I’m actually quite inexperienced as a writer, an artist, a painter of toy space soldiers etc. and I’ve only ever been outside of the UK twice, once if you don’t count school trips (kind of gave the game away, haven’t I? Right on page 1, too!).
Still, the thing to take away from this is that this blog is about my hobbies, both established and emerging. There will be photos of little space-soldiers and glorious tales of their travels and conquests of my mates’ kitchen tables. There will also be photos of my attempts to learn to draw and paint as well as critical reflections on them.
Finally, I write stories. I might post some here, if I don’t think I can develop them into full novels.
In all, it will be a way for me to track my progress with each of the things that I do when I’m not in work and the kids (and my wife) have gone to sleep.


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