Learning Curves Are Steep These Days! or Is There Something Wrong With My Pencil?

I have mentioned before that I was going to try to learn to paint. The first image in the selection below is the first thing I have painted (besides 40k models) since school. I watched a few videos on You Tube and thought that I’d just jump straight in and see what happened.

Poo happened.

The first thing I’ve painted since school.
My thoughts on the first thing I’ve painted since school.

So I thought I’d learn to draw before I paint anything. At least then, I’ll have something to paint that might look like something real. Or, at least, we might be able to tell what it is…

First attempt at learning to draw.

The little figure in the top right is freehand. There are no guides used, just trying to draw a little man with long hair. Then I tried to follow a drawing guide for human proportions…

This is, apparently, what a person looks like to an artist..?

…Really. Instructions for these things are not easy to follow. I’m not trying for Vitruvian Man, here. I just want to draw people that look like people, however comic-book.

Does there come a point when these ‘studies’ are no longer needed for sketching?

Triangles and eggs? That’s what makes up a person? Why, following the proportions given by many guides, does my end-product come out so skinny? Where are the gut and the broad thighs? And why can’t I do feet, hands, legs?

Putting what I’ve learned, so far, into practice.

At least I can get the height relative to a person’s head, now. Next up: clothes, hands, feet, faces, hair…

Also, can anyone suggest an easy-to-follow online guide that actually helps to develop drawing generally? By that, I mean one that doesn’t just show how to draw one manga character in one pose. It’s really difficult to find a good course of information or lessons that don’t require a significant financial outlay, something that is currently beyond my means. If you can suggest one, or have any comments on the images above or this blog in general, please comment so that others can benefit from your experience.


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