Observations on Mass Observation

I have just posted my submission to Mass Observation 2015, here. I thought that it would be more interesting to most followers of this blog (and those of you who do not yet follow it) to read about why I have submitted to this call.

Well, the main reason is a sort of public duty. I talk a lot about politics to almost anyone who will listen. I barrack people who don’t want to, too. However, I rarely actually do anything. I’ll sign the odd petition here and there but my political activism is usually limited to posting on Twitter or Facebook about an article on the BBC or Guardian websites. I was at the absolute peak of my political life, last week, when I went to the polling station to vote in the General Election. So, when my wife pointed this call for submissions out to me, I thought it really chimed with my sit-on-my-arse-and-write level of public involvement.

Nothing about it will ever change anything. Nothing in my submission was inflammatory or is likely to make anyone think twice about their own politics. It wasn’t meant as that kind of writing. The Mass Observation archive is not intended as a political movement.

I just thought that a national archive of diary entries recorded on one single day could do with the addition of a pissed-off lefty from the north-west of England.

Apparently, I am that much of an egotist. But then, I write a blog and think that someone will want to read a novel I’ve written. That should have been a clue, really.


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