The Fall

She was spinning before she hit the glass. As she did, her left shoulder fractured. Her new shirt and the trousers her boyfriend picked that morning tore against the glass. The skin and muscle beneath suffered a similar fate. Then she noticed two things simultaneously.

First, as her feet reached the same height as her head, she saw that she had lost one of her shoes. She was about to die with only one shoe on. Second, she felt the air rushing past her as she fell.

She continued spinning as she fell, but this slowed. The concrete that would eventually kill her became distinct from the sky above and the buildings around her. During one revolution, she spotted the man who had been interviewing her seconds earlier, staring at her from the hole in the building her body had created, mouth and eyes wide with what she assumed was horror.

And then the concrete again.

There was no pain, no realisation of her doom. She knew nothing of where she awoke but it was too dark to be Heaven.


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