Rejection #1

This week ended horribly. I was given my first taste of rejection as a writer.

I had applied for a job with a very popular manufacturer of miniature wargaming models. The job was as a ‘Fiction Writer’. I had to write a letter of application and a short story featuring some of the characters created by the company. I would really like to share both my letter and the short story with you but I fear that I may be in contravention of copyright if I do.

Anyway, my application did not progress beyond the first stage of the application process. I found this out at the end of a particularly difficult day at my 9-5. The whole day seemed to spiral into disappointment, disillusionment and other emotions beginning with dis-.

I keep trying to remind myself that this is the first time that I have shown my writing to anyone with the capacity to pay me for it. There is, of course, no reason to believe that I would receive the same reaction from everyone (in fact, Mel A Rowe left an exceptionally wonderful comment on my post ‘The Fall‘), The logical reaction, therefore, is to plough on, continue writing and finish the major project I have been working on for a good, long time.

As soon as this post is finished and posted, I will do just that.

Watch me go.


2 thoughts on “Rejection #1

  1. ellarconnolly says:

    Just came across this and have to comment, rejection can be such a smack in the face but you’ll always find a way to bounce back. You have a gift to share with the world so keep writing! You can teach many with your words so don’t stop 🙂 all the best, Ella

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